Its vs. It’s: Building Credibility

Its vs. it’s vs. its’ are used incorrectly by many writers. To build credibility when you write, make sure your spelling, grammar and punctuation are used correctly. Here’s the scoop on this frequent mistake:

It’s is always and only the contraction of it is:

  • TGIF: Thank God It’s [it is] Friday.
  • It’s [it is] almost time to leave.

Its is the possessive form of it. A good way to remember that is to try out “hers” (where there’s also no apostrophe). If hers would also work, then its is the correct form to use. As a commentator on another site said, “The hint that flipped the switch for me was to [mentally]include its (possessive) in the list of his/hers/ours/their/…its.”

Finally, there’s no such word as its’, just as there’s no hers’, his’, or theirs’.